Kelsey O'Regan

writer + showrunner

kelsey o’regan



Kelsey has been a passionate storyteller since elementary school.

During her teens she wrote short stories for various English classes and the student literary magazine, then discovered the world of fanfiction; and though she still consistently posts to her AO3 account almost a decade later, she’s shifted her focus to original projects.

Season 1 of her series BIFL successfully crowdfunded in summer 2018, and she hopes to change the media landscape with quality LGBTQIA+ representation.


creator + showrunner, BIFL: The series

2014 - Present

Developed, wrote, and edited an original series that successfully crowdfunded $50,000 in July 2018, was produced in October 2018, and will be released Spring 2019.

script supervisor, probable robot


Documented any deviations from the script during each individual take; assisted actors with line rehearsal and memorization; alerted cast and crew to any dialogue issues.

staff writer, Velociriot!

2014 - 2015

Researched and analyzed current events relating to feminism, LGBT rights, and other social justice causes; interviewed the co-creator and producer of YouTube web series “Carmilla”; discussion of E.L. James’ disrespect of criticism was the fifth-most viewed post site-wide; published 13 posts for a total of over 42,500 views.


university of new hampshire

Graduated May 2013



twitter: @goneawayawhile