Always writing.

Kelsey has been a passionate storyteller ever since she learned how to use a computer keyboard. In elementary school, there was her tale of the Grinch stealing a cherished Christmas tree star that made it to the statewide “Reflections” finals; in middle school, a multi-chapter thriller about a movie star and his troubled brother; and high school was filled with short stories for English class and the student literary magazine.

College was an explosion of fanfiction, and with it, a break-neck journey of self-discovery—what she wanted to write about, just how much she wanted to write about it, and how to make each new story better than the last.

Though she still consistently posts to her AO3 account almost a decade later, she’s shifted her focus to original projects. Season 1 of BIFL: The Series successfully crowdfunded more than $50,000 in July 2018, filmed in October 2018, and the first three episodes premiered at ClexaCon 2019.

She hopes to change the media landscape with quality LGBTQIA+ representation.